I’ve been shopping 😱

Since one year I try to live minimalistic. I buy nothing new without giving away something old, I consume more conscious, I reduce wherever I see a possibility.

A trick that works for me, is to spend a lot more time when purchasing – time to actually weigh how much I want a particular thing. From chocolate to beach towel: I take it in my hands, consider how heavy it will be in the next travel backpack, consider if I can take it with me no matter where I go and how long it will make me happy. Most of the goods are eliminated automatically in this process. And the things that are left over are truly special to me.

I usually manage this very well, and sometimes even without effort.

But sometimes it comes over me. Then he strikes, the consumption devil in me. Advertising always finds its way and I am at the mercy of the spending spree. Not too long ago it hit me with mediocre practical travel accessories. And again today.

I became weak – maniacally hunting through the shelves as though under a spell – breathless I paid the bill.

I confess, I bought books 🙈

Who helps me to open a library?


(BlogPhoto by Andre Guerra on Unsplash)


  1. Aber Hallo Anita !!!!!.
    …….soviele Bücher haben nicht mehr im Rucksack platz.
    Nichts mit ebook reader 🙂 🙂
    Bussi Mama

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