Hello my dears,

I quit my job, terminated my flat contract and for the next six months I enjoy pure freedom.

For the travel I use Katharinas Hyundai i20 as she enjoys her expat-stay in Sevilla – Spain.

My plan: During the next months I will travel and try the lifestyle of a digital-nomad.

If I will like it? No clue. But I have the unique chance of trying something new – to risk something – to get out of my comfort zone – so YIIHAA and let’s do it.

Up to now there is no precise plan or clear destinations, but I can share some first ideas about the trip:

I start in Leoben – Austria and travel to Biograd – Croatia to spend approx. 14 days with my parents on board of Aned III. Afterwards I continue with the car along the coastline towards Split and Dubrovnik. Following this,  I will have a quick stopover in Montenegro (to Kotor – thanks to a recommendation of Alexandru) and then continue to Albania. After this I plan a short break for the car as I will visit my sister Dagmar in Strasbourg – France. Directly after that I will meet Katharina at the Jazz and Joy Festival in Worms – Germany. And everything else will happen as I go.

So far I received already great recommendations from you. In case you also have a good tipp for me, please leave it directly in the comments.

xoxo anita