Koh Lanta

My next destination is  Koh Lanta in the South of Thailand. Koh Lanta is more laid back than the area around Phuket, still it provides all touristic amenities.

I’m taking the ferry from Krabi and enjoy two hours of sun on deck. On arrival I’m getting a bit ripped off by the already waiting tuk-tuk drivers, and head towards my accommodation.

My apartment is simple and cheap – but I take the room with AirCon, as temperatures in the night are still up to 27 degrees. And I am a little bit spoiled… What’s perfect about this accommodation? The price. And it even comes with a free motorcycle. Apart from that, the facilities are lacking any charm. Pitts bungalow is the perfect place if you just use the room for sleeping. The owner is really caring and organizes all sorts of trips and transport. The other guests are, well, how to say… strange. There are Russian punks, German ultra right konservatives, backpacking rastafaris, and then there is me. Interesting 🙂

I spend the days either on the beach – definitely the best of all of them is “Sandy Beach” in the south of the island (Attention: low tide brings stones to the surface, stay far in the south to enjoy easy swimming at that time). Or I am at work. For the first time I use a co-working space:  “KoHub” is a great place to concentrate (unfortunately I am such a coward that I do not chat up with the other nomads… pretty stupid, right??)

And certainly I use the motorcycle to explore the island. A trip to the “Old Town” is a must-do, as well as the attempt to drive round the whole island. Like all other tourists I am a little bit disappointed, that the road really ends at one point. But on the trip I detect the utmost beautiful café “Panorama” – and the name says it. It’s the first time I feel some kind of holiday mood.


Beach impressions:





Co-Working Space:



Panorama Café:


  1. Oh wie toll, du hast das Café am Rande der Welt entdeckt… so eine schöne Aussicht. Genau so hab ich mir das vorgestellt! Ich drück dich ganz fest und wünsch dir, obwohl Co-Working, ganz viel Urlaubsfeeling. Dickes Bussi

  2. Hallöchen Anita, dass muss ja wieder ein ganz tolles Plätzchen sein. Geniese es, denn bei uns ist es, trotz Sonnenschein, richtig kalt. Dickes Bussi 😘 Hilde

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