I met a couple from the Netherlands which is sailing around the world since 6 1/2 years. And they plan to go on for another 2 years – *LiveGoals*

They gave me a nice piece of advice which I’d love to share with you:

“In order to be financially prepared for such an adventure, you need to set yourself an exact date when you will start the trip. Until this date you must save enough money for your project/travel AND a financial security amount – just in case something goes wrong. And then you do EVERYTHING that is needed, so that you earn that money until your depature date.”

For the two of them, that included 13 years of horrible over-hours, focused work and sacrifices – Jannika, for example, owned and managed multiple companies, which she sold before her departure.

N.B.: if you are lucky, luck comes to you:

Jannika and her husband are actually retired by now. But as they have seen a lot of places, having a huge network around the globe and live a great slow-traveling live, they are working as freelance journalists for some magazines. With that, they regularly earn some money.  #digitalnomadlifestyle

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  1. Hi Anita, bin wieder begeistert von deiner Reise und deinen Berichten. Die Tipps für für eine Weltreise brauchst du ja mittlerweile nicht mehr, da du die halbe Welt ja bereits bereist hast.🤗😉 wünsche dir noch einen schönen Reiseverlauf und freue mich auf weitere Berichte von dir. Drücke dich ganz fest 😘

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