Great to have you here

You are on my personal Multi-Tool. In this blog a variety of topics is covered using the following categories:


You can find here my travel blog. I love to travel and I would like to share my experience with my friends and family – therefore I started this blog in Juli 2018. My roadtrip through the balkans is already documented and currently I am travelling from Spain up to France. The long-time-ago-travel to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in 2011 is well kept in an older blog – but only in German. In case you would like to have inspirations or recommendations for your own trips, don’t hesitate to contact me.


In this category you can find topics I am personally interested in – I work on some ideas that I would like to put more and more into my focus. My future is more unclear and open as ever before in my life – and I use my “sabbatical” of the classical worklife to think about all possible options. In my head tons of ideas are flipping up and down and all of them hope to be realized one day: the cozy travelers cafĂ©, the ‘back-to-the-roots’ job in international development cooperation, or the career as author? – everything is possible (but nothing is settled). Like millions of other young people out there I lack the vision to determine once and for all how my life should look like. My path – with all obstacles and surprises – is documented here.


To finance this lifestyle I saved some money. But I like to have some financial reserves and I like to work. Therefore I have an additional contract with my former employer to perform some tasks for this company. These tasks will be delivered in a “digital nomad” way – meaning: without fixed residence or office hours. In this menu you can find the summaries of my tasks (although I can share some information please understand that I cannot publish all details).