#DNXfestival – Living the Awesomeness

I’m greeted with high-five, then there’s joint dancing and thunderous applause for the organizers Feli and Marcus. But the two don’t use those names anymore. Their names are now Yara Joy and Sonic Blue. Because that better expresses their spiritual side. Again thunderous applause and standing ovations. Dancing again. Give your neighbor a “high-five” and say “Awesome, that you’re here!“


That start makes clear to everyone: We are exceptional and we are part of a supernicesweetawesomemega community. Didn’t know that… 😀

I was really looking forward to this event – a conference full of digital nomads, who can give advice and tricks to develop my young business. My expectations: Speakers and Workshops covering Online-Business, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Finance and Taxes, cheap housing worldwide. Maybe some ideas for internet connection, equipment or insurance.

My expectations were not met. Although there was a small portion of business-related input, e.g. by Matthias Niggehoff, Maike Burg and Marco Lachmann-Anke, the biggest part was dedicated to personal development(*). With top-class speakers (Tobias Beck, Yvonne Schönefeld, Bahar Yilmaz) we got an intense kick of motivation and conviction. The topics were presented extraordinarily profound and overwhelmed me and the other participants. Still, for me it was a bit missing the point. Definitely out of place was the „soul healing“ (aka group meditation) with Ellen Michels and the following Angels Exercise (aka constellation work) with the (not psychologically trained) hosts.

Bottom line: Interesting conference for those not yet working as digital nomads and seeking a little „yihaaaa“. 

At the end we dance again. The haka. Oh nooo…poor Maori. Te Waka.

(*) I guess, the idea is to captivate participants to try digital nomading and founding a business.

For info: DNX® means Digital Nomad Experience (with X also being a holistic lifestyle, the unknown and the interface between the 4 compass directions)


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