Teach me!

Dear Friends and Family,

please help me: I am looking for people, who can teach me something.

All of you have talents and knowledge in areas that are new to me – and my curiosity is huge. Independently from your origin, education and lifestyle, you’ve achieved a great wealth of experience. Therefore I’d love to learn something from you in a personal discussion.

The areas of my interest are:

  • Politics (e.g.: international/austrian politics, feminism, political theory, discussion of precise policy demands, etc…)
  • Economy (e.g. micro/macroeconomy, economy of a specific state, business development, entrepreneurship/SME, stock exchange/financial market, organizational development, Sales/Marketing, etc…)
  • Computer Science/IT/Software (e.g. how to learn programming? concepts and theories, machine learning/deep learning, data science, useful tools/applications, etc…)
  • Newer History
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • All other topics of which you think I could be interested 😀

If you share your knowledge with me, I am willing to compensate your effort up to 20,00€ 🙂

In case you have one/two hours and would like to work with me, please leave a comment or contact me at my email address. Please send me a precise proposal for a topic, which we can handle in the given time via video call. For me it is mainly interesting to understand your personal approach to this topic (Why are YOU interested in this field?) and have an active discussion.

…Don’t be shy – just raise a hand!! In case your proposed topic is not the perfect fit I’m sure we can figure out a solution.


xoxo, anita

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