Now the protectors, the helmet, and then this Shirt – ’cause, that looks cool! Ok, now you’re ready to go.”

Today I’m on Wechsel and I try downhill biking, a fast variant of mountain biking, where you jump over obstacles and race downhill through the forest at crazy speed .

Luckily I’ve got a good teacher who explains everything to me with great patience and takes care of my safety. The most important rule: always look where you want to go (far ahead).

In order to get a feeling for the bike with the wide handlebar, I start with a few circles in the parking lot, and then we are starting off. With a shuttle we are brought up the mountain. There we wait a few seconds until the pro’s are halfway down and then it’s my turn. Hands on the handlebars, butt in the air and off I go.

My first descent is very carful, I cling to the bicycle. Everything seems steep and bumpy and we stop every 10 meters. But on the second lap it is a bit easier and I already have some zest. I’m not ready yet to do jumps – but it is great fun!


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  1. Da hast du aber wieder einen gefährlichen Sport entdeckt.
    Schön aufpassen und viel Spaß.

    Bussi Papa 🙂

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