Arriving in Tokyo at 08:00 in the morning on a Saturday … that was probably a good idea, because we avoid the business crowds. Altogether we spent 3 days in Tokyo and that is faaaar too short!!! Apart from not even seeing all the quarters, we did not do any calligraphy class, sushi class or ramen tour.  😱 So we will definitely be back here at the end of our trip 🙂

What can I say: Tokyo is huge, but not confusing. As Paris – big, much to absorb and if you live here certainly exhausting, but as a tourist you have all the time and then of course it’s great. You really get it all: the large, colorful and illuminated streets, quiet side streets, wide squares, huge parks in the middle of the city, temples and shrines, lots of restaurants, and you can shop everything. The fashion here is also great: chiffon skirts, colorful or silk ankle socks in combination with platform shoes are the ultimate craze. And in Tokyo, everything is designed for tourists: all descriptions are in English, which makes it very easy to explore the city.





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  1. Hi Dagi, hab gerade deinen Blog entdeckt. Tolle Bilder und eine spannende fremde Welt. Da würd ich gern mit dir darüber reden.
    Erst mal viel Erfolg bei Euerem neuen Projekt „Wohnung“!
    Bussi Angelika

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