The boat has a new home

May 2019 – an era comes to an end. For 22 years my parents’ yacht has been in Umag, but now we are moving. Further to the south, to better weather, more beautiful islands, more pristine Croatia.

But before the actual moving, the annual maintenance of the underbody must be done: the boat is taken out of the water, then completely sanded, polished, and painted with antifouling. In addition, all repair and maintenance work at the engine, the hull and the dinghy is carried out. Despite bad weather, we are done in one week and ready to move.

Our plan: On day 1, my dad and I go by boat to the bay Veli Rat (about 105 SM). On day 2 we continue to Pirovac (about 50 SM). In the meantime, my mom is driving by car and starts to explore our new home.

But there is a problem: the weather is so bad and unpredictable that it is impossible to do such a long trip. So we wait.

It takes 8 days until we finally have a tiny weather gap opening┬áup for us. Cast off at 07:21, gas station stop at 12:00 and anchor maneuver at 14:30. –> A long trip deserves a Man├Âverschluck ­čÖé ┬áThe next day it’s raining, but we still drive to Pirovac as the sea is calm. We landed at the port at noon and had a nice little crowd of spectators – curious about the newbies.

And so begins a new chapter.


  1. Man├Âverschluck nicht verlernt – gut zu sehen ­čśë
    Viel Spa├č und eine gute Zeit in Pirovac!

  2. Du hast ganz tolle Bilder ausgesucht. Sie zeigen das ganze Spektrum des
    Bootfahrens. (Lustig und weniger lustig)
    Viele Bussi und nochmal Danke f├╝r deine Leistung als Steuerfrau.
    -:) -:) -:)

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