A new home?

Hey my dears,

we spent the last two days around the island of Murter. First we had a look at the bay of Vela Luka and then we dropped the anchor in a small bay in the Murter channel. A camp site and a sports boat paradise >> unfortunately not really considerate small boat drivers, so it was a little more wobbly.

Today we continued to the Marina of Pirovac. Since a couple of months we’ve been discussing to relocate the boat and Pirovac would be a hot favorite. Leaving our current boat residence Umag will be rather difficult – though we are regular guests of this lovely fisher village since more than twenty years. Therefore the expectations to any new boat residence are high 😀

Arriving in Pirovac was not too promising  >>> as guest it is not possible to park the boat inside the main part of the harbor – guests are obliged to stay at the outer pier (this is a little uncomfortable compared to the inner part). What seems a little inconvenient as guest could be actually an advantage in case you stay permanently as you won’t be disturbed by short-term visitors.

The Marina was opened in 2016, so everything is perfectly neat and tidy and the bathrooms are super clean. The village has an authentic croatian style with a couple of local tourists. The city center is nicely renovated and there are some beautiful storehouses (you can see this in the pictures below the post). The narrow backstreets with their old stone paths invites to stroll around and explore the town.

Ich hope, the pictures will bring you a little bit to Croatia,

xoxo anita

Crucial Partner on the sea: K.H. Beständig

Culinary Highlight (like usual):  board kitchen

Wine of the day: Irsai Oliver from Slovakia

Rituals are important: Cocktail hour daily at 5pm

 Small trip with the dingy

 Impressions of Pirovac

Comment: Videos deleted due to storage capacity.

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  1. Leider wird es mit der neuen Heimat vorerst nichts. 🙁 wir müssen bis Jahresende warten ob ein Platz frei ist.
    Wahrscheinlich sind deshalb gestern Gewitterwolken aufgezogen. Bussi Mama

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