Surfing Morocco


paddle. — paddle. ——— paddle Quuiick. —- Stand up — Smaaaaaashshhh.


After a couple of days out surfing I can clearly say: I got sand and salt water everywhere in my body 😀

But also: I’m getting better and taa-daaa: I catched a couple of green waves! Wohoooo!!!

I am in Tamraght in the south of Morocco close to Agadir. This is a really calm place – a small village with a hundreds of inhabitants. It only gets crowded in the summer, when Moroccans enjoy their summerbreak at the beach. And in the winter time the city is mostly occupied by surfers. 

My main finding here: Morrocans are crazy and love to party.

My Surfcamp: Pro Surf Morocco owned and run by Brahim. As usual in surf camps, the mood is laid back and people are really open minded. When coming here, say good-bye to schedules and plans.

Big thanks to all the amazing people that I met there: Brahim, Abdell, Julia (Bibidibabidibuu), Kristina,  Asie, Rira, Kai, Max, Maxime, Ludo, Tamas + his cool kids, Melinda, Richard, Sara, Felice, Lars, Finn, Rob his wive (all the best for your travels!), Perrine, Loren and the UK Girls, and all others that made my stay unforgettable.






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