The first week

My blog exists for over a week now and I would like to share with you a bit how my blogger life is developing. The most important piece of advice that I took to heart from the start was to build my own infrastructure. The “blogger beginner pages” then read like: Find a web hosting provider, install a CMS, then you just need a domain and there you go.

Umm .. I should find WHAT? And HOW? and WHAT IS THAT? I thought blogging should be easy …

Honestly, as a “normal” Internet user, you do not know anything about all that … So the first thing I did was to look up Wikipedia for hours on different terms and look for recommendations from other bloggers. Thankfully, some successful bloggers are generously sharing their experiences with readers. Thus, the start is somehow frictionless.

Once the blog setup is done, then comes the funny part: creating texts, design the post, add a few photos and then publish. Once you have decided on a basic design, you only have to play with a few settings. Especially in the first days I changed different background settings – so now you can open the pictures in their original size: D

So far, I wrote new post on average every 2nd or 3rd day. I have to admit, it’s a bit more work than expected … Although the writing of texts is usually done quickly, I need about 3-5 hours before I can publish an article. The biggest difficulty for me is uploading the media (photos + videos). Due to rather slow WIFI connections, it takes a really long time. In addition, my devices are a bit idiosyncratic and do not always cooperate with each other – especially with my Samsung mobile phone (Android), the data transfer to my Macbook is very tedious and possible only via caching in the Dropbox.

However, the best thing about blogging are the comments. This way I know if a post is good or bad, if you like the text, or if you have some suggestions for me. With your contribution, the blog comes to life.

As most things in life: Blogging is a craft that has to be and can be learned. As Beginner I am doing a lot of mistakes – all the more I am happy to receive recommendations!

I am happy to have on average 10 visitors per day – for me, this is a huge success.

Thank you, see you soon + xoxo anita



  1. Liebe Anita, ich freue mich riesig über deinen Reisebericht und finde, dass du es super, super toll und profimäßig machst. Danke dickes Bussi und weiterhin viel Spass

  2. Hi Mausi !
    Nachdem du uns in Biograd verlassen hast, waren wir schon neugierig ob du Zeit und Wlan gefunden hast um zu berichten. Wir sind deine Fans und sagen weiter so du machst es s u p e r . Viele Bussi Mama und Papa

  3. Ich kommentiere wenig, lese aber so gut es geht alles 😉! Finde es total interessant, spannend und klasse… 😘 Petra

    1. Vielen Dank Petra! Ich freu mich sehr, dass du mich hier begleitest 🙂 Falls dich ein Ort besonders interessiert, werde ich gerne darüber schreiben! bussi anita

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