Panorama Road in Albania and Hiking in a national park

To my next destination I cross the border to Albania. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to do some intense traveling in the country, but Eva from daysweekendsmore (German only) describes the road SH20 with such beautiful words that I absolutely want to try it.

The estimated travel time is 2:30h which makes it the quickest connection between the Skadar Lake and the Nationalpark Prokletia – but in reality it takes me muuuuch longer, because I stop every 10 Minutes to take a picture! The route is amazing: the road is excellent condition and it goes up and down impressive serpentines. In a sharp turn suddenly you have a breathtaking view to the valley. And sometimes the Street has some alternative traffic.

What an amazing road


I do not have any issues while crossing the border, they just give me this confused look I am getting a bit used to. Back on the Montenegrin side I should give a lift to the customs officer – I play dumb and the Italian couple in the car behind me gets the honors.

My destination is approximately 7 km away from Gusinje. Here you can find the entrance to the national park. Again I use a bungalow for accomodation and realize: at 1.100 meters above sea level it gets quite cold during the night.

Promising way to the national park

The next morning I pack my backpack – todays program: hiking!

My route: Starting from the camp I walk up to 1.897 meters to a viewpoint on Vusnice mountain. After 2 hours I am there – and ambition seized me to set out for the 2 peaks which seem within reach. Both of them are above 2.000 meters.

I rest a bit and then I head to the steepest stage. Yihaaa!

My hiking adventure


After 7 hours in total I’m back at the camp and I can feel every single bone in my body. After a well deserved dinner I crawl into my bed – tired but happy.

xoxo anita


  1. Ohhhh Hallo liebe Anita,

    ich freu mich sehr, dass dich mein Beitrag dazu motiviert hat diese Straße durch Albanien zu nehmen. Und ich sehe, du hast es auch nicht bereut! Die ist nämlich echt einen Roadtrip wert. 😉

    Vielen Dank auch für die liebe Erwähnung, das freut mich natürlich auch total! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße aus der Steiermark,

  2. Nicht zum Glauben Mausi, du findest wandern (Bergsteigen) schön. ::::))))

    Tolle Bilder
    Bussi Mama

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