After our excursion into the woods we return to the city life.

From Hakone we take a ‘normal’ train to Okayama and then Shinkansen which takes us to Kyoto in 40 minutes.
There is a lot to discover in Kyoto, but somehow we don’t get the flow like in Tokyo … every city is different. And unfortunately, the transport network is not so good … there are actually only 2 (!) Subway lines (north-south and east-west) in Kyoto, but there are many buses and small trams with 1 or 2 cars. And: there are really a lot of temples again 🙂

Especially interesting is the Inari mountain with the Fushimi Inari-Taisha. There are 4km of red toriis and we climb to the top of the mountain at 234m. The shrines were once built for the gods of agriculture and people prayed for good rice harvest.

In Kyoto you can also find the international manga museum. You get an explanation on the origin of the manga and there is a huge library with international mangas (even in German … you know: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragon Ball …).

Finally, we drive out into the Arashiyama bamboo forest. The forest itself is not that big, but the whole area is great. It’s kind of the recreational area of ​​Kyoto. Soo cool: there is a kimono trail! We have to try that the next time.

And tonight ? We’ll do our own Tepaniyaki grill with kobe beef … mhhh.


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  1. Voll cool Dagmar!
    So lässt du uns mitreisen und Japan erkunden. Super Danke ! 🙂

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