Hakone & Gora

Today we are exploring the mountains of Hakone. The weather is cloudy and steamy as usual.

Earlier that day we woke up in our Japanese bed (meaning: we slept on the floor) 😀 and it was not bad at all.

We use the funicular to go up to Sounzan, then continue by bus to Ashi Lake. At the lake, we are boarding a pirate ship and drive to the other shore. Already during the cruise we can see the red toriis standing in the water. They symbolize the entrance to a shrine in the Shinto religion.

Certainly we walk uphill to this shrine. As we return down to the water, we see tourists who actually queue to take pictures in the main Torii. Unfortunately, thick clouds are covering the sky and we do not have a good view. So we decide to walk back to the bus station and drive to the open air museum.

The next day, the weather is way better, so off we go … the alarm woke us at 06: 30h and now we take the first bus to Mt. Fuji … and yes it was worth it!!!! There he is: beautiful!!! And since we arrived early it is still very quiet.




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  1. Cool !!!!
    Da habt ihr tolles erlebt 🙂
    Schön, dass ihr dir die Bilder in den Blog stellt.
    Bussi Mama

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