Culinary delights

Sensing the intense smell of mint diverts my eyes from the fresh grilled chicken skewers. A few steps further juicy dates invite to have yet another snack – maybe with some pistachios?

Morocco is not only a firework of colors, it is also an explosion of taste.

A neighbor at dinner says: It’s a country for all senses

Sweet Mint Tea, sticky on the tongue

Coffee with spices

Thick avocado juice with subtle pierces of dates

Tangine with tender lamb 

Yellow Couscous with Veggies

Fatty donuts with sugar crust 

Freshly pressed cugar cane juice with lemon

Moroccan Nutella (Almond butter with Argan Oil)

Warm flatbread with sesame

Crunchy pastry with nuts and honey

Dark red strawberries




  1. Hello!
    Lecker, lecker. For so much sweet, but the Maroccan are not fat
    Bussi Mama

    1. Hi Mom,
      most people here are very skinny, but there are also some more rounded ones (especially the ladies) 😉
      Well, it’s hard to resist if there is something delicious every 10 meters 😘😘

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