Helene? Or not?

Heeey, hello, hello

You are from Germany? Ah Austria! You’re so beautiful. Come in my good restaurant – I have all good food. Grilled fish, chicken. What you want? Best food here. You are Helene Fischer – no? Hahaha. So beautiful. Come in my restaurant, it’s the best restaurant here. No, I don’t touch you. I am not like that. Eat here. No worries, it’s the best restaurant. What, you are not hungry? Wait. Wait! WAIT! You are Arschloch. ARSCHLOCH!

> Smile, Wave, Walk away – Marrakech style 😂

One comment

  1. Ach Helene, wenn du nicht in meinem Lokal isst, dann bist du ein A…….

    Ein besonders freundlicher Typ!

    Man muss schon aufpassen!!!

    Bussi Papa 🙂

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