Jefferys Bay – Surfing South Africa

J-Bay welcomes me with loud bark – I stay at Jessica and Erics, who share their home with 4 dogs and 2 cats. After extensive scratching and fondling I can move into my room and every since I get a good-morning kiss from Sam.

J-Bay is the surfing capital of South Africa, naturally I sign up for a one-day course at Sons Surfschool. For 2 hours William helps me and Kristin to catch the perfect wave in the white water (this is where the waves are already broken). After that I’m sore and sunburnt – but most of all I’m longing to go out there again.

Two days later – due to the weather I had to take a break – I dare to go out without a teacher. Slowly I get a good feeling for the waves. I tell my hosts about my success and Eric decides to become my new surf instructor.

He lends me a wetsuit and a board and brings me out into the “green” waves for the first time in my surfer life. That is quite a difference and I need ages to get the right timing to catch a wave. More than once I feel like in a washing machine. Keeping balance on this tiny shortboard is really difficult…


The next day I try again and finally understand how this should work here – and although my success rate is rather modest, my enthusiasm remains unbroken. And to properly live the surfing lifestyle, we have a jam session with Eric’s band in the evening.


  1. Hallo Anita!
    Da surfst du schon in der grünen Welle !!!!!!! (wo auch schon die Haie wohnen)
    Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob ich das toll finde 😐 🙂
    Deine persönlichen Kontakte mit deinen Vermietern finde ich super. Auf diese Weise bekommst du einen besonderen Einblick für das Land.
    Ich freue mich schon auf`s Wiedersehen.
    Bussi Mama

  2. Also das klingt ja echt total nach einem unglaublichen ‘frei’ Gefühl… nur du und die Wellen.
    Und der Erste-Hilfe-Kasten falls dich (eventuell) ein Hai gebissen hat ist spitze 🙂

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