A trip around the cape

Today is the day. I pick up my rental car. Driving on the left side. Aaaahh!

But I quickly realize that it is not difficult at all, I’m just confused with blinker and wiper… (*)

Right behind the city, the streets are nearly empty. My first stop is in the laid back village Kommentjie. A nice holiday village, and you can see that there is a huge difference, if you live in the metropolis Cape Town or here in the village.

I continue my tour and just take a quick break to eat a Knoppers from home – suddenly something is moving right next to me: I stopped at an ostrich farm 🙂

Next destination is the cape nationalpark towards cape of good hope and cape point. It is an overwhelming feeling. The wind nearly blows you off the cliff. It is said, that on good days you can see the flying dutchmen searching for it’s harbor. 

Better to keep a safe distance to the baboons – they are a bit naughty.

And a good recommendation: In Nationalparks drive slowly: I was scared when an ostrich starred directly into my eyes.

Highlight of the trip was the stop at the penguins of boulders beach. They are sooo cute  🙂



Video: Penguin Party

(*) Honestly: I was really afraid of driving in South Africa. But then I found some nice blogs providing some tipps. They describe what I also experienced myself: everything’s pretty easy. Without rental car, the trip would be half the fun. No need to panic at all.

xoxo anita


  1. Liebe Anita! Du zauberst mir mit deinem Block Abenteuer und Sommerfeeling ims Haus und das ist Spitze. Liebe Grüße Jutta

  2. Wow 😮! Tolle Bilder und ein toller Blog !! 🥳
    Ich wünsche dir noch eine weitere spannende Reise 🧳!

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