Is it already winter?

The weather is grey and dull. It’s getting colder every day. Gradually it’s about time to unpack the gloves. Since days the sun was hidden behind dark clouds.

Noooo… I don’t want to accept that the summer is over. That’s far to quick for me. It was just incredibly warm and now I have to consider buying a winter coat??

But stop: I don’t have to. I am mobile 😛   Logical conclusion – pampampam: I extend the summer!

My second travel-work-assignment starts and where could it be nicer than in beautiful Sevilla. A real pearl, which can be easily discovered by walk or with the bicycle. I am looking forward to temperatures around 30 degrees, Tapas and Vino Tinto – and I am looking forward to work. With my employer I agreed upon a couple of tasks which I will accomplish during traveling. I stay in contact with the colleagues over phone and emails and – if everything works out fine – I will be able to use a VPN to connect to the company network soon.

My travel route will somehow look like this:

Sevilla – Madrid – San Sebastian – Bordeaux – La Rochelle

In between I will do several day trips and I hope that I can arrange a surf course somewhere close to Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains. The best about it: I did not yet book my return ticket, so I can extend the route as long as I wish. 😀


And because every blog entry is nicer with pictures, here you can find some impressions of my short trips during September:

Wanderlust Festival in Vienna


Party in Prag


Sunshine in Sevilla





  1. Hi Anita!
    Deine Reiselust ist ansteckend! 🙂
    Würde am liebsten auch schon wieder meinen Koffer packen.
    Viel Spass Bussi Mama

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