Let’s talk about money

A longer travel usually needs some planning and some thoughts about the amount of money you want to spend on it. Based on this it’s possible to choose accommodation, restaurants and activities accordingly – and as I do not have millions on my account, I had to prepare myself 🙂

Before my travel I gave myself a budget of 4.000 Euro – and I basically spent exactly this amount. In this time I had no other rent fees or (not-voluntary) regular expenses – there are two exceptions: the car insurance and my social insurance.

  • Of course this travel can be made much cheaper or much more expensive, this always depends on the individual style of traveling.
  • The costs would be much higher, if I would have had to pay the boat trip – thanks to my parents I enjoyed this luxury for free.
  • I usually stayed in apartments/single rooms and only exceptionally used dorms (Hostels) – if used more frequently this would significantly decrease the costs. On average I spent 38 Euro per night on my accommodations
  • My trip to France and Germany increased the costs significantly (two flights, higher expenses for food).
  • In the category “Entry fees” I summarized all expenses for activities – that includes city walks, museum entrance fees, but also rafting and canyoning.
  • Not included in this overview are the cruel bank fees when withdrawing money (skandalous 5 Euro at TEB in Pristina, a joint-venture of BNP Paribas), NFC-Payments (on average 10% of the amount), and credit card payments (ca. 1,50-3 Euro per payment). Once I had to pay a hotel per PayPal – Attention: the fees are really high.
  • Generally I did not waive anything on purpose, however I do not need big luxury.

Here you can find an overview of the Balkan-Tour. How wants to know more details: send me a message and I can send you the detailed list. 🙂

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