Balkan Roadtrip finished – what next?

Unfortunately the Balkan-Roadtrip is already over. My last stop in Serbia was overshadowed by a dreadful tonsillitis – therefore I stepped on the gas and returned sooner to Austria. I hope, that I have a chance to see the cities that I missed now (Belgrade should be very lively and a great place to party, but also Nis in Central Serbia and the beautiful landscape of western Serbia should be worth a visit).

September is dedicated to some short trips to Vienna, Prague and Sevilla.

Starting end of September the “digital-nomad”-lifestyle will be in the focus and I will adjust my travel plans accordingly. This means:

I can support my former company as consultant for a few tasks. For this, I will spend one week in Prague, afterwards I will have contact with the colleagues only by mail or phone. This allows me to continue my travels.

In October I will start traveling through Spain and France – I already received amazing recommendations (Thank you, Fabien :-D)

In order to reconcile all my plans, I will have daily working hours and I will consider longer duration of stays in my travel planning

Do you have additional recommendations for me? I hope, that I do not have to cut too much of my travel plans to fulfill my work related duties and still follow my own ideas. Realistically I have to spent at least 7-8 hours per day to do both. How can I realize this, without sacrificing my travels?

I would be really happy if you would share some ideas with me!

xoxo anita

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