Hopping off the plane I immediately continue to Montenegro. Due to a tip from Alexandru I have to make a stop in Kotor – after all, it is only 30 kilometers away from Dubrovnik. My first task, however, is to get the completely dirty car clean – the parking lot under the tree was not optimal.

Arriving in Kotor I check in my hostel (today again 6 bed dorm) and then it’s time for a cold beer.

The next morning I set out to explore the city – the medieval flair is truly impressive. You enter the old town through one of 3 entrance portals – my tip: the third (at the western end of town) is the least visited, and you can bypass the main tourist stream. Behind the castle walls hides a cute alley labyrinth, which impresses with its well-kept houses and lovingly designed souvenir shops.

West Portal

The Must-Do in Kotor is the walk up to the fortress which you can climb from the old town – it’s quite a walk and I’m getting a bit sweaty. On top I am rewarded with a great view all over the bay of Kotor.

Walk to the fortress


Back at the hostel I jump into the sea to cool down – it’s my last swim in the Adriatic Sea for some time.

Afterwards I continue to the Skadar Lake (Skadarska Jezera) 🙂

xoxo anita

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