Love at first sight

I’m driving up a bumpy country road into the mountains. The last village I passed about 17 km ago. I am in eastern Bosnia, close to the Montenegrin border. I’m heading to a camp that offers bungalows in Hobbit format >> the crucial point why I’ve chosen this accommodation 🙂


When I arrived, I realized that I fell in love. With this place. That I then got a slightly larger bungalow, is because I have extended my stay immediately.

The atmosphere is just great. We are in the middle of the mountains, it is quiet and everything is running a bit slower here. My small wooden bungalow has all the amenities (comfortable double bed, hot water) and it is incredibly cozy. After a relaxing afternoon and a delicious Muckalice I fall early into a gentle sleep.



For breakfast I got up a bit earlier today (08:00 am) and I was rewarded with a breathtaking view. The low stratus still hangs deep in the mountains, especially over the river that flows only a few meters below the camp.

For today I booked adventure: Rafting at Tara River

My team consists of an English family with three children, which warmly affiliates me, and our guide – the boss of the camp, who honors us with his presence. The trip is TERRIFIC 😀 Quickly we are a well coordinated team, well, the commandos of “Go” and “Stop” are not really hard to get. 😉

And off we go paddling, circling, jumping and splashing each other. Followed by a swim in the ice-cold water. Our wetsuits are only up to the shoulders, so we quickly swim hands up – at 10 degrees water temperature no surprise, brrrrrr.

We also stop at a small waterfall – a great opportunity for some funny photos. On that occasion, my English travel mates get me into the mood of joining them for “canyoning” tomorrow. Uhmm, shall I?

And yes, as I spend so much time at the mountains in Bosnia, I promise: I’ll put this on my “To-do”-List for Austria. 🙂

xoxo anita


  1. Ohhh sieht das toll aus 🙂 genau so sollte ein Roadtrip sein (tiptop)

    Bussi, Dagi

    PS: Rafting, wandern, Berge, canyoning, … Anita? Bist du’s wirklich?

  2. Liebe Anita, ich bin schon immer gespannt, wie deine Reise weitergeht. Beneidenswert so tolle Plätze sehen zu dürfen. Zum Glück lässt du uns daran teilhaben. Ganz liebe Grüße Jutta

  3. Ein superschöner Ausflug. Man sieht dir an, dass du viel Spaß gehabt hast.
    Mit 19 Grad war das Wasser in Vodice direkt heiß, im Vergleich zu deinem
    jetzigen Eisbad.
    Bussi Papa 🙂

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