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in the category “Under Construction” you will find mixed posts which are not always related to my road trip through Europe.

I start this part of the blog with a book recommendation which will bring you closer to my feeling of wanderlust. While reading this book I had the feeling that I immediately want to board the next plane/car/train to experience a similar adventure than the main character. Especially great: this book is not a fictive novel, but explains the journey of an impressive German journalist, who documents her travel experience in an utmost honest and charming way.

For your information: as in my opinion there are too few female successful authors, you will find here only literature recommendations written by women… that’s essential feminism 😉

Das große Los – Meike Winnemuth (Knaus Verlag)

Meike wins half a million of Euro at the german version of “Who wants to be a millionaire”. She uses the money to travel around the world within one year: Every month she stays in a different city, and every city is described in one chapter of her book. Very quickly you realize: every city would deserve its own book. The author writes humorous about the difficulties when starting a completely new life every month. She describes the spontaneous helpfulness and friendliness that she experienced around the world. She explains the challenges that everyone can face in some parts of the world. Especially the chapter about India reminded me about my own adventures. Her amusing writing about success and failures while traveling made me cry several times 🙂

Here you can find an article about her book.

Small warning: The next reader might quit his/her job and start to travel as well.

Big issue: I think the book was not (yet) translated to English 🙁

xoxo anita

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